Sunday, March 6, 2011

Winter Flea Market Finds

Late last week a new found friend, Kate, who also lives in Minnesota, contacted me thinking I'd be interested in a winter flea market that Sue Whitney (Junkmarketstyle) was organizing. They were calling it "Flea Market Under Glass" because it was being held in a greenhouse (thankfully a heated greenhouse) I decided to check it out on Friday. I had been looking for months for an old wooden "box" with a hinged lid and a latched closure to hold the gagillion hats, scarves and mittens that one must have in Minnesota....Look what I found! (Thanks again Kate!)
Absolute perfection...and I got the dealer to come down $15 on the price...
And I just couldn't resist this old berry basket tray which will sit on my kitchen table (I need to get a few more primrose though). And these cute little strawberries were from a vendor who had set up adjacent to my booth at Junk Bonanza (so she let me have them for $1 each)

Shelby was home for the weekend getting everything ready for her first Spring Break with her college friends. I'm a little apprehensive about letting her go but I've warned her and warned her (and warned her) about the dangers so I'm praying her and the other four girls will be very careful. Of course, she needed her hair colored before she left so that's what we did this morning (and I HATE doing it!)
And I've been trying to get some more of my paper bag and fabric albums made to put in my shop but with all the junking, shopping and hair coloring who has time?
Maybe after our trip to Goodwill I can get working! Have a fun Sunday!


Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Your hinged wooden box is so great. Wonderful find. I love the strawberries, too!
I'm sure Shelby will be careful. I hope she has fun and is safe! I colored my cousin's hair one time, and I haven't done it again 'cause it makes me too nervous.
The albums are beautiful (as always!)

Rebecca said...

thank you so much for stopping by!
Please please please tell me you are not getting more snow this week!
We are leaving Friday afternoon for Mn and I am hoping the roads will be clear. I hate that drive through WI in snow!
All our snow is gone here, we got some on Saturday but not enough to do anything... I am sooo over it and I know you guys really are.

Auntie Cake said...

Love the trunk, what a find! I dragged my mom out there on Saturday, I bought some of the same strawberries. I so needed that flea market, hurry up spring!

And the city you work in, is where I grew up. My parents still live there, so I spend about half my time there. I will have to meet you for lunch sometime.

Have a great week,

Auntie Cake said...

This morning I woke up to a wonderful envelope on my kitchen counter (my hubby got our mail during the middle of the night...) It was fabulous! Thanks for the extras too. I love them, and the packets of ephemera are heavenly!

What a fun way to wake up! Enjoy this snow. :( Dang, last year I have pics of my kids outside on St Patrick's Day wearing only long sleeve t-shirt's. This year we will be wearing parkas and boots!