Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Omaha/Iowa Treasures

We're back from out little mini-trip to Omaha. We had a really fun time at the zoo, the Orangutans were a riot, we could've sat and watched them all day and the Tigers were amazing! I think it was mating "season" because the zoo had them all caged male wouldn't take his eyes off a pacing female in the next cage who kept making strange throaty roars. I really felt sorry for them, they were not happy cats and I swear that female was ready to rip someones head off! I'll post those pics tomorrow because I'm really antsy to show you all my treasures we got along the way: I don't really need more jars but the prices were too good to pass up, especially on these red lidded S/P shakers!
I got two more floral hankies to add to my collection, a whole gob of rayon seam binding, a big white bowl to hold onions and some other linens that are currently being washed. I'm somewhat of a germ-a-phobe so the first thing I do whenever I get treasures home is scrub them all down...every single one of them!

Here's a bunch of smalls...more dice (I really gotta stop buying dice), some cute little felt baby booties, a vintage bunny candy holder, some jello molds that I'll grow grass in, put in an Easter egg and use on the table for Easter dinner, a Strawberry shortcake doll for Shelby's Easter basket (the doll already got a bath and her clothes are soaking in Biz), a vintage lock complete with the key and lots of little vintage baby announcements. Oh, and don't forget about my vintge crepe paper nut cups...
I've recently started a collection of vintage view master reels. I have a new View Master Viewer but it doesn't really work well with the old I bought a vintage one (and scrubbed that down so I can check out Mickey Mouse). I got a booklet of milk coupons (some of which will go into my store,) a vintage circus program and a player piano reel.

These are two of my favorite finds. This hat is full of lovely velvet violets and two pink roses and this Chocolate tin reads "With Love to Mother". It was digustingly dirty but cleaned up rather nicely...
See how cute it is all cleaned up?
Why did I think I needed more buttons? A whole 1-pound tin of them?

And last but not least, my find of the day (Ok, Tom actually spotted it for me), this vintage birdcage was an absolute steal! I've been searching for one for months now and this is exactly what I wanted...and for only $24. I'm going to plant flowers in the old pail and hang it in the backyard and the little hippo planter is for my niece who collects them (hippos, not planters).
All I have left to do is clean the birdcage...but I probably should do my 10 loads of laundry first!


Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Great finds! I love the buttons best. You know how I am about buttons. :)
Glad you're back safe!

Francesca Slone said...

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