Monday, February 28, 2011

Fun Little Things...

I love little treasures...
I just added these goodies to my Etsy store this afternoon...
Ephemera packs and vintage compacts full of little odds and ends...
And check out my friend Jessica's blog to see her favorite little things...

Looks like she and I have been doing a lot of shopping on Etsy lately...I'll show you what I've been buying tomorrow! I LOVE Etsy!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gophers and Strawberry Shortcake...

So we haven't seen Shelby in a month so all four of us jumped in the car Saturday morning and headed to Wisconsin to visit and take her to lunch (even though we had to drive through yet ANOTHER snow storm). Lucky for me, Menomonie has an antique shop so after lunch and a trip to Walmart to get her all the stuff she absolutely, positively NEEDS when she's using my money we left the boys in her dorm room and headed to the antique shop. Shelby and I collect Strawberry Shortcake dolls (and other dolls like her, see Holly Hobby in the back?) This was our small but cute collection before...
and these were the little treasures we found Saturday. I didn't have room on the same shelf so these girls are sitting on top of my ribbon shelf.
And, when I headed to the downstairs area of the store this is what was waiting for me...Tom (channeling Mike and Frank of American Pickers) wearing this cute...or creepy? gopher mask. We can't quite figure out if this is Goldy Gopher, the UofM mascot, or the Minnesota State Fair mascot...most likely it's the latter because he wears the old-time straw hat just like this one. Not sure how he ended up in Wisconsin but it's back in Minnesota now...and please don't ask me what we're going to do with it...because I just don't know.
Of course there are other things I got like more white vintage buttons and trims but there were two items I didn't buy that I'm now regretting. I just might be making a phone call to the antique store and sending Shelby back to pick them up for me. All in all it was a nice trip...just wish I would've brought my camera!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Paper Bag Albums Galore...

I took the day off work yesterday to tour some Trasitional Care Units for my dad and because the boys were off school (even though they really don't need me home...I mean, come on...Matt's 18.) So after I finished my tours I got busy in my "studio" while Sebastian played with a friend and Matt watched TV. I was quite productive but am now being taken over by fabric and paper bag albums...but they're all listed in my Etsy shop so I hope they go's a little peek:

And I also listed some more packs of those Michigan estate sale photos...

Isn't she just the cutest thing you've ever seen?
I'm off to get ready for my date tonight...Tom and I are finally celebrating our anniversary and Valentine's Day...better late than never!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Sunday...

I received many emails from readers of Sew Somerset asking me if I had any plans to make some "It's About Us" books like the one published in the Winter 2011 edition. Well...I finally put together a finished album and four kits with all the supplies to make one just like this. They're listed in my Etsy shop so stop by and take a peek.

I forgot to tell you about our little Saturday road trip Tom and I took last weekend. We headed down to Red Wing, Minnesota, expecting to hit many of the antique shops but much to our dismay, about 3/4 of the shops had closed down...I can only assume because of the economy? We were really disappointed because Red Wing was known for their wonderful antique shops, but there's only three needless to say, we didn't find many treasures...but I did find this:

They had three of them...big fat ledgers dating back to the 20's (not super old but old enough to make them interesting)
And every page is filled with that pretty old handwriting. I'll eventually rip it all apart to use the pages but right now I just want to leave it intact.
It's a beautiful sunny Sunday here in Minnesota...those of you in the south might think us crazy but we're in the high 30's today so everyone is outside just sweatshirts! Gotta go soak up my 15 minutes of vitamin D cuz you never know what the weather will be like tomorrow!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Giveaway Winner...

So today is February 6th, and as promised, I drew a name for my giveaway. I used a very scientific method for the drawing...mainly I wrote all the names on a pieces of paper, folded them three times, threw them in a bowl and let my 18 year old pick a winner.
And he chose Jessica of Kids Napping? I'm scrapping! Thanks to everyone who left me a comment telling me how you stumbled upon my blog.

ok...gotta go watch the Super Bowl half time show!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Don't Get Me Wrong...

On the morning of our 9th wedding anniversary (2/1/11) as Sebastian came down the stairs for breakfast I wrapped my arms around him and said to Tom "this is the best thing that's come from this marriage"...then remembering that Sebastian came well before the actual "marriage" I corrected myself and said aloud..."well, he came before the marriage, but you know what I mean".I thought Sebastian had always known he was AT our wedding but I thought wrong. Don't get me wrong...I'm not ashamed of having him "out of wedlock", I had been married once before and it failed, miserably, so why on earth would I ever try it again? But this was news to Sebastian, it was really sort of comical, how genuinely confused he was. He truly did not understand HOW we had a baby without being married, he kept asking me over and over "how did you have a baby... when you weren't married"...guess I opened a can of worms there!
Anyway, that was the morning of our anniversary and the evening of our anniversary I was hit like a freight train with a nasty we'll be celebrating on Saturday (picker style), better late than never (just like our wedding!)...and to Tom I say:
Don't get me wrong
if I'm acting so distracted
I'm thinking about the fireworks
that go off when you smile