Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Table #2...

Table #2 for Junk Bonanza...

...all priced and boxed up.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Practice Table #1...

I decided it was time to do a practice run of how to set up my Junk Bonanza table. I call this table #1 because this will be the opening day table...in case I sell everything the first day or a large portion of this (got my fingers crossed) I have a table #2 and table #3 which I will be setting up as soon as I pack up all these goodies...(try not to pay too to all the garage crap in the background)

(I hope Sue is reading so she can give me some of her expert feedback!)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Circus Circus...

I found this fabulous vintage picture of German circus performers (circa 1926) while junking this weekend...along with a (very) few other goodies. Isn't it fantastic? I paid more than I wanted to but there was just something about it, I knew I wouldn't be able to leave without it (that and the fact that the dealer knocked $8 off the original price!) It wasn't the greatest weekend for finding treasures, as you can see by my slim pickins' but that just gave me more time to do some (re)decorating.
I was inspired by Lobster and Swan's layout in the newest Artful Blogging magazine that I decided to do my own "postcard swag"...right in the family room. Thankfully Tom didn't say anything...but I'd better be careful, I think I'm walking a fine line! Good thing I baked him his favorite birthday cake this morning!
PS...Happy birthday Rydel

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Heart Whitman...

I love old Whitman playing cards, don't you?.......32 days until Junk Bonanza!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cambridge Flea Market...

Tom and I got up at the crack of dawn to make the 1 hour trek to Cambridge for the annual antique and flea market. Usually there are so many vendors we never make it all the way through and we usually run out of cash somewhere along the way. This year we were prepared...comfortable shoes, lots of cash and a cooler full of diet dr. pepper! Wouldn't you know it...it was much smaller this year, at least it seemed so to the both of us, and all the good stuff was way over-priced. So this is all I came home with and half of it is from a "community center garage sale" that we hit on the way home because we were desperate.
The vintage Pinocchio game is for Matt's disney collection...

These are vintage movie reel mailing boxes....
and this is my "find of the day"...I can't tell you what I paid for these because you'd all be so jealous! Now I have vintage playing cards coming out of my ears...might have to put some of these in my Etsy shop. We won't be doing any junking today...I'm burnt out and it's much too hot and humid to be outdoors for more than 30 seconds...enjoy your Sunday...I'm heading to my craft room!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My 400 Pound Prize...

I've been casually looking for an antique upright piano for about the past year now...I had a very specific look in mind but could never seem to find one that really caught my eye. One of my girlfriends even tried to get me to take her old piano for free but it didn't have the look I wanted so I passed...on a FREE piano. This past Saturday while hitting an estate sale I saw this little beauty in the corner of the garage, The sign said "Antique Mahogany Piano - make an offer". I strolled over and hit a few keys...it sounded good but looking at the condition of it I knew they probably wanted more than I was willing to spend.
After looking through the house at all the other treasures we had to head back out through the garage and as I strolled past the pretty piano I played a few more keys...I just thought it was so pretty. We headed to the car but I couldn't leave...I got one of Tom's business cards and headed back up to the garage with the intention of telling the woman to call me if they didn't get any offers. Instead I asked her if she could tell me about the piano...turns out she and her brother were selling off their parents' estate, she was quite elderly and told me that she used to play the piano as a kid and it originally belonged to her Grandfather, who passed it down to her parents when they got married. She let me know that the keys are "real" ivory...not the fake plastic 'ivory' that you see on most pianos...the bench is the one thing that shows it's age, most likely from all the use the piano got. She was sure she pointed out the fact that two of the keys stick and one of the pedals stick but as I heard the stories and looked at all the fine details I started to fall in love. I finally got brave enough to bring up the price...I had a number in my head but don't know how much mahagony pianos from the ?30's? run. I told her I didn't want to insult her by making an uneducated offer so asked her what she was hoping to get...her price was HALF of what I had in mind so I waved Tom back up to the house to let him know that we now had to figure out a way to haul a 400 pound piano half way across town!
I don't know the first thing about playing the piano but everyday I have to walk over at least once to pretend like I know what I'm doing...she's just so pretty isn't she...and she's all mine!
(ok...and Sebastian's)
Maybe Thursday I'll have time to post pictures of all my other treasures from this weekend's junking trip...but this is the best find!