Monday, October 28, 2013

NYC Treasures...

 Here's a little peek at the goodies I found in Manhattan, Soho and the West Village.  First stop was Tinsel Trading on Lexington in Midtown Manhattan...
The store was much smaller than I anticipated but it did not disappoint...there were boxes of new old stock piled to the ceiling!  I'll be using some of this shiny vintage bullion in my December Daily.
I put this little tin with jars in my carry-on for the flight home so I would be sure they wouldn't break (they were wrapped pretty good) but TSA did not like it, they pulled me aside, unwrapped each little jar and tested them for drugs.  The lady checking it commented on how cute it was and wanted to know what I was going to do with it...she just couldn't understand though when I tried to tell her I'd put glitter, buttons and trinkets in the jars...she must not craft.
New old stock millinery and vintage silver tinsel.
I wasn't planning on dragging Tom to Purl Soho but when we happened upon it on our way to Rachel Ashwell I couldn't resist, plus they had a nice place for Tom to rest his feel while I shopped.  Got this fantastic Liberty fabric at a way-too-high price...but no regrets!
and also in Soho was Pearl River Mart on Broadway...the store was so pretty and colorful (they also had a place for Tom to sit and rest his feet).  I even got a few stocking stuffers although I didn't photograph them on the very slim chance my daughter reads this.  I'm very much looking forward to making stuff with it all, hopefully Friday I can dig in!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Off On An Adventure...

 Tinsel Trading, here I come!
Have a good weekend.  I'm pretty sure I will!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What I'm Working On...

I ordered prints of about 80 of my Instagram photos from
They print the photos similar to retro Polaroids and as an added bonus, for the back you can choose from a few different themes like a retro camera silhouette, postcard style, a map of your Instagram photo location...or it'll print the first comment from your Instagram post...doesn't matter which you order, they're all super cute.
 Sorta makes me cringe when I glue it down cause the back is just as cute as the front.
And if pretty packaging is your thing, you'll love that your photos come in a cute little "photo file" box with a white silhouette of a retro camera printed on it (just like on the back of the photos.)
 I've been slowly adding my origrami prints to this journal I made at the end of 2012...
 I still have a million photos to add but I'm just taking my time, enjoying the process.

 Maybe I'll finish by the end of 2014?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Long-Legged Spiders...

I saw this vintage spider book on Pinterest and fell in love with the graphics on the cover.  I wouldn't say that I like spiders, cause I really could do without them, but don't you agree the graphics are something else?  So I decided I needed to find one for myself.  
Amazon is always my go to place and they had a few...all shipping from England???  I suppose I could investigate the book a little more closely to see if it was published in England but either way, I found one in great condition for a great price and the shipping was totally reasonable.
I'm always a little scared to buy from Amazon cause you don't always know with 100% certainty that you're going to get the exact cover you want, and since that's really what drew me to this book, my finger hovered over the "buy" button for a few minutes before I got up the nerve to just do it. (Something that I do waaay too often!)
And I just noticed that it says: "Made in Great Britain" so I guess that answers that (see photo above)
It really is a cute little book (and it is little, measuring barely 5 x 7) with 34 pages of text and 24 creepy, crawly Plates...way more than I ever wanted to know about spiders but I'm sure glad I finally hit that "buy" button!  :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Decorating...

 I absolutely love Halloween. I love haunted houses, scary movies (as long as the hubby isn't out of town), the creepy decorations and I love dressing in costume to hand out candy.
My two oldest, who love Halloween as much as I do, are away at college so I find that I decorate less each year...this pleases my one remaining child as he just plain ol' hates Halloween and forbids me to put out anything too scary...he must get that from his dad's side of the family.  I guess that just means there's less junk to put away in the end!

I made a few paper mache witch hats, this little bat boy and a glow-in-the-dark spider wreath...I'm going for a glow-in-the-dark theme this year for the trick-or-treaters.
Now, if only I could stop myself from eating all the Halloween candy!