Thursday, October 17, 2013

Long-Legged Spiders...

I saw this vintage spider book on Pinterest and fell in love with the graphics on the cover.  I wouldn't say that I like spiders, cause I really could do without them, but don't you agree the graphics are something else?  So I decided I needed to find one for myself.  
Amazon is always my go to place and they had a few...all shipping from England???  I suppose I could investigate the book a little more closely to see if it was published in England but either way, I found one in great condition for a great price and the shipping was totally reasonable.
I'm always a little scared to buy from Amazon cause you don't always know with 100% certainty that you're going to get the exact cover you want, and since that's really what drew me to this book, my finger hovered over the "buy" button for a few minutes before I got up the nerve to just do it. (Something that I do waaay too often!)
And I just noticed that it says: "Made in Great Britain" so I guess that answers that (see photo above)
It really is a cute little book (and it is little, measuring barely 5 x 7) with 34 pages of text and 24 creepy, crawly Plates...way more than I ever wanted to know about spiders but I'm sure glad I finally hit that "buy" button!  :)

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painted fish studio said...

LOVE your find! and the lengths you went to get a copy. hope to see it in person some day.