Monday, October 28, 2013

NYC Treasures...

 Here's a little peek at the goodies I found in Manhattan, Soho and the West Village.  First stop was Tinsel Trading on Lexington in Midtown Manhattan...
The store was much smaller than I anticipated but it did not disappoint...there were boxes of new old stock piled to the ceiling!  I'll be using some of this shiny vintage bullion in my December Daily.
I put this little tin with jars in my carry-on for the flight home so I would be sure they wouldn't break (they were wrapped pretty good) but TSA did not like it, they pulled me aside, unwrapped each little jar and tested them for drugs.  The lady checking it commented on how cute it was and wanted to know what I was going to do with it...she just couldn't understand though when I tried to tell her I'd put glitter, buttons and trinkets in the jars...she must not craft.
New old stock millinery and vintage silver tinsel.
I wasn't planning on dragging Tom to Purl Soho but when we happened upon it on our way to Rachel Ashwell I couldn't resist, plus they had a nice place for Tom to rest his feel while I shopped.  Got this fantastic Liberty fabric at a way-too-high price...but no regrets!
and also in Soho was Pearl River Mart on Broadway...the store was so pretty and colorful (they also had a place for Tom to sit and rest his feet).  I even got a few stocking stuffers although I didn't photograph them on the very slim chance my daughter reads this.  I'm very much looking forward to making stuff with it all, hopefully Friday I can dig in!

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