Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer blues...I'm mean pinks

Typically, when junking, I'm drawn to blue...blue fabric, blue furniture and blue dishes like these beauties... But lately I'm finding myself drawn to pink...even all the things we've been buying for Shelby's dorm room are pink...and the strange thing is that I'm not really a pink kind of girl. I can count the number of pink things I own on one hand.but look at this bowl...who could resist?
These items were meant for my Junk Bonanza booth but I've come to realize that I'm really only kidding myself...I'll never be able to part with them. Anyone have any good ideas what I can do with a pink floral bowl in a house full of green and brown?

Thursday, July 8, 2010


We're in the heart of summer and having so much fun even though Tom keeps pointing out to me each night that all we seem to do is run, run, run. It's been very busy around our house (as I'm sure it is around yours)...I'm still busy learning all sorts of things at my new "real" job (it's so nice to be out of the TV business!), trying to visit my father as much as possible during his somewhat bumpy recovery after surgery, running around with my "big" sis and her two girls who are in town for the whole summer, celebrating Shelby's 19th birthday!, and, of course, hitting every flea market, estate sale and antique shop buying, buying, buying and making, making, making for my first set-up at Junk Bonanza coming up in a few months. I'm having a good streak of creative-ness making all sorts of altered vintage book journals and paper bag/fabric journals like this one...
I have to hide all these books from my sister (whom I mentioned above) so that she doesn't steal all my inventory before I even get a chance to sell it!

Our weather has been beautiful...a little on the humid side lately, but as I always say: "there's nothing like a Minnesota summer"...and I probably say that because anything feels good after 9 months of winter! Hope you're enjoying your summer too! (Hi Jessica...my neglected blog bff)