Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Sunday...

I received many emails from readers of Sew Somerset asking me if I had any plans to make some "It's About Us" books like the one published in the Winter 2011 edition. Well...I finally put together a finished album and four kits with all the supplies to make one just like this. They're listed in my Etsy shop so stop by and take a peek.

I forgot to tell you about our little Saturday road trip Tom and I took last weekend. We headed down to Red Wing, Minnesota, expecting to hit many of the antique shops but much to our dismay, about 3/4 of the shops had closed down...I can only assume because of the economy? We were really disappointed because Red Wing was known for their wonderful antique shops, but there's only three needless to say, we didn't find many treasures...but I did find this:

They had three of them...big fat ledgers dating back to the 20's (not super old but old enough to make them interesting)
And every page is filled with that pretty old handwriting. I'll eventually rip it all apart to use the pages but right now I just want to leave it intact.
It's a beautiful sunny Sunday here in Minnesota...those of you in the south might think us crazy but we're in the high 30's today so everyone is outside just sweatshirts! Gotta go soak up my 15 minutes of vitamin D cuz you never know what the weather will be like tomorrow!

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Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

*Sigh, sigh, sigh, and more sighing* I love your albums, and maybe you're tired of hearing it 'cause I say it all the time, but I do!!
That ledger book is dreamy. I love all that which is handwritten!
Yay. It got up to the 30's. :) It's been cold here, too. Cold, but always sunny. I guess I should appreciate it more than I do!
I also came by to tell you that I received the package from your giveaway. Thank you so much! I was delighted to receive it, and I can't wait to look through everything! :) Thank you, again!