Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Farewell (for now...)

Well, we're off to spend a few days in the sand and a few days with Mickey, Donald and Goofy.
I even managed to make myself a journal so I can record everything as it happens instead of when I get back (especially since last years' spring break memories are shoved in a drawer in my studio still waiting to be glued into a book)
I hope you all have a fantastic Easter and a fun-filled spring break (if you haven't taken it yet!)

A special thanks to Papa for coming all the way to Texas to watch the dogs (I'm so glad our snow is melted and the weather has been somewhat least "warm" to us Minnesotans!)


Lisa said...

Beautiful journal. Make sure you post the finished product when you get back so we can see all the fun you had. Have a nice, relaxing trip!

Anonymous said...

Love your book...I love to make altered books they are so cool aren't they. You have a great blog. Have a blessed day.

Shannon.Doran. said...

Love the old papers and splashes of pastel. Good luck journaling, especially since the weather down here in FL is -perfect-!

Anonymous said...

Rachel- So pretty and creative this journal is!!

I am so enjoying my little basket and I have posted about it with my other Easter Baskets today. I used your picture as I have it under a cloche (my kitty loves it and keeps trying to play with it so I am protecting her from getting in big trouble!!) My pictures didn't turn out as well as your's did.

Have a beautiful Easter!