Sunday, March 14, 2010

Occasional Sale Debut (and Finale)

I've been hearing a lot of talk about occasional sales and how fantastic they are so I knew I had to check a few of them out. This weekend was the one in particular that everyone was ranting and raving about. It was in Anoka., MN (the Halloween Capital of the World) of my favorite cities for junking so the 45 minute drive from our house didn't bother me at all, I was ready for a whole morning of treasure hunting. Tom and I found the "market" and headed in...I knew as soon as we were two steps inside the door that I would be disappointed. We looked around for a minute then exchanged the old "really? this-is-it?" look and left without finding anything we were remotely interested in, it's not that they were selling garbage, it was just household "decorations" you can really find anywhere. Oh well, at least we had four more antique shops to pick through. Shelby and I visited a different occasional sale in Hudson last weekend and found the same disappointment...alas, no more occasional sales for this junkaholic!

The excursion wasn't a complete loss however...Tom found some goodies (I swear he's turning into Frank from American Pickers...seems he's REALLY into tobacco tins lately) and here's my haul (I even found my next Trash to Treasure item!)

The pictures aren't as nice as I had hoped...I'm going to blame it on the gray and gloomy weather we've had the past few days.

I can never seem to have quite enough buttons, especially the ones with rhinestones in the center. All but one of the shops we visted were having big sales, anywhere from 15% - 50% off unless the item was marked "firm".

We got this adorable Googy glass for Matthew who has taken to collecting vintage disney memorabilia.
I couldn't pass up this photograph...the caption reads "Refugees In Line For Red Cross Food." It's apparently from 1928.

I got the cute little jewelry box to hold all my vintage rhinestone of these days I'm going to try my hand at turning some of it into a rejuvenated necklace or perhaps even a bracelet. If any of you have frequented the occasional sale in your area I sure hope you had better luck I did!


Jessica said...

Great finds, Rachel! I get tired of "digging" as well, but the treasures at the end of all that digging make it worth it! ;D

bella said...

Hi Rachel , I commented on your last post , then read your new post where you mention Anoka. I didn't know it was the Halloween caapital.
Such a small world that blogland makes :0)