Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trash to Treasure Tuesday #3

Aaah...I can't believe I haven't posted since last Tuesday! Shelby came home for the weekend, it's been about a month since she's been home, so we were busy shopping, shopping, shopping...no time for blogging. I thought I was getting used to the idea of her being gone but I guess I was wrong, no need to bore you with the details of the tearful parting (even though she'll be back in two weeks for spring break) but I'm sure one of these months I'll be able to drop her back at the dorms without crying half the way home!

I wasn't too busy though to work on my Trash to Treasure project for today. I'm not sure if this was originally a feed sack or a pillowcase, either way, I fell in love with the pattern on the fabric as soon as I saw it sitting all alone in a bin at a flea market. I saw this adorable sort of "shoe organizer" type thing in an old Victoria magazine and decided it would be the perfect thing for my fabric. First I decided how big I wanted the organizer and cut the fabric leaving enough extra for the hems.

Next I cut the remaining fabric into 6" wide strips, "hemmed" all the edges and started pinning where I wanted the pockets to go...I only had a certain amount of fabric so that pretty much dictated the size of each pocket.

Then I sewed everything in place and here you have the finished product:

As soon as I convert Shelby's room into my "new" studio I'll find a permanent place for this little treasure...don't tell Shelby I'm kicking her out of her room though...she may never come home then!

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Jessica said...

Oh Rachel, I can't stand my little one going to first grade. I don't even want to think about coll- wait- did you say your own craft room?? That might snap me right out of my weeping spells. ;) I love your pocket organizer!!