Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Trash to Treasure Tuesday #4

Today's trash to treasure involves this nifty mahogany hinged box I found at....where else?.....Goodwill! The lid has glass one one side with a botanical print tucked underneath. The underside of the lid has a great old mirror and there are two little compartments for treasures inside. The bottom of the box is a piece of glass with a plain old piece of cardboard underneath so it's not very pretty to look at.
I started by cleaning the top glass, the mirror and the bottom glass (it was really dirty!)
Unfortunately there was no way to disassemble the lid without totalling ruining it so all I could do was cover it with floral paper (it slid under the wooden frame rather easily).
Next I tucked some floral trim into the groved frame and added an old photo of my Great-Grandmother Alice...isn't she beautiful? Love this picture...she even made the wonderful feathered hat she's wearing (I hear she was quite the seamstress)
I added a vintage velvet flower and some blue ribbon as a final touch.
Lastly, I took the cardboard off the bottom (it was held on with a few old nails so I removed a few from one side and slid the cardboard out from under the remaining nails.) I tucked a piece of blue patterned paper under the nails then replaced the cardboard bottom and replaced the nails.
And that's it!

Another trash to treasure goodie.


Shannon.Doran. said...

So you slid the paper right over the glass? I would have never thought of that. Lovely woman, quite stylish!

Jennifer said...

Rachel, I love this box! So clever of you. That hat your Great Grandmother made is amazing! You must have inherited her artistic talent. Love your books too.

bella said...

Thank you for visiting my blog :0) Its always nice to meet someone new.
PS I grew up in Anoka , Mn , I remember those cold winters!