Saturday, March 20, 2010

Over the (Mustard) Moon...

This morning I decided to try my hand at another occasional sale, I know, I know, I'm a sucker when it comes to possible treasures. Anyway, I'm fortunate enough to live in MN where Mustard Moon is may have heard of this quaint little was mentioned in Flea Market Style magazine (I think Ki said it was one of her favorites) and today was the last day of their three day occasional sale. It really only takes me 10 seconds or so to decide if I like a shop once I step foot through the door and Mustard Moon was no exception. I literally couldn't grab goodies fast enough...good thing Tom was with me to hold all my loot. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I've been scouring flea markets and antique shops for a vintage sort of hat rack type thingy but everytime I find them they're either too expensive or not truly vintage...look what I found at Mustard Moon!!! Don't you just love how old and crusty it is? (It's really so much more pretty in person!) Tom and I hung it as soon as we got home and now I have somewhere to hang my old buggy wheel...oh happy me!
I found all sorts of old mismatched china, the neatest lamp I've ever seen (sorry I didn't take a picture of that), a banged up old screen window (that had the best price tag ever..."FREE") and all sorts of other to-die-for treasures! (sorry for all the exclamation marks but I'm SO HAPPY!!)

And, as if that wasn't good enough, Jane the shopkeeper is the sweetest person EVER. She and I got along fantastically (and she even let Tom borrow her drill to get things off the wall for me). I left a few things behind that now I wish I had purchased but her next sale is in April so I'll be back (plus the river in Carver is threatening to flood so she didn't bring as many treasures to the sale as she wanted for fear of them getting ruined). In closing, I would like to apologize to all the occasional sales I offended with my not-so-nice post last weekend...I take it all back and I hope you'll forgive me! Seriously...if you are ever in MN during one of Mustard Moon's sales you've got to check it out...SERIOUSLY! Ok...gotta go display all my new treasures, hope you have good luck treasure hunting this weekend too!

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Lisa said...

I am soooo jealous of your crusty treasure! Just remember, if you run out of space for all of those goodies, there's a house not far from you where you can "store" them for safe keeping!!