Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Work Space...

When Shelby left for college in 2009 I half-heartedly turned her bedroom into my "studio". I say "half-heartedly" because she's a clothes-horse so had to leave many of her clothes behind, she swaps them out occasionally when the seasons change. Because of this I left all her clothes, shoes, purses, etc. in her closet and some of her other belongings in various parts of the room and boy was it crowded so trying to be creative was a challenge.
As a junior, she is no longer required to live in the dorms so she and four other girls signed a lease on a house and will move in June 1, 2011....I know, I know, I always make a short story anyway, when she was home over Winter Break she reminded me several times that this would officially be the last time EVER that she "lived" in this house. Nothing like throwing salt in the wound, huh...little brat.
But I got the last laugh...when she went back to school last Saturday she was barely down the driveway before I was throwing the last of her stuff in the basement. Now the room is utterly and completely MINE! I moved my sewing machine and table in the closet along with all my fabric to make room for my big work table.
And I organized and organized and organized! (we'll see how long I stay organized). I don't know about you girls but I am in love with my space. Sometimes I walk in here just to look at all my junk...and I actually love being in here so much I took a nap on the floor yesterday afternoon!
I suppose Shelby won't even find out about this little turn of events until June when she begs us to help her move into her house!


nicky said...

Very pretty crafting room. It has to feel good being in there with it full of so many pretty things.

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

How fun having a space that's all your own! It's definitely a nice perk after the heartache of having Shelby move out.
I like your Cheshire cat!

Mindy Lacefield said...

i love and adore your space.....what eye candy!! i found you through sew somerset and am totally inspired by your journals! love , love , love!!!

so awesome to keep up with you and your work here!....

hugs, hugs!