Saturday, January 8, 2011

Off to a good start...

I don't really make new year's "resolutions" but I told myself in 2011 I was going to start doing all the things I've been "scared" to do. No, not skydiving and insane stuff like that, I'm talking more about being "risky" (by my definition) with decorating and remodeling and spending money! We have this huge wall in our family room...we've lived here for almost 8 years and I've never known what the hec to do with this wall. So on New Year's day I just started painting and repainting and painting again to make this chalkboard type "Family Tree".

(eeegads, that lamp definitely needs to be replaced!) I'm lucky enough to have some really great old family great-grandmother Alice is the one with the fantastic ostrich-feather hat (front and center) and Tom's grandmother Stella's photograph is stunning (top left) photography (as usual) is not great so you probably can't tell but boy-oh-boy do Tom and I come from good-looking families! So naturally I wanted to hang these treasures where everyone can see them but didn't want to put them in boring frames. (I also hung Tom's grandfather's Marine Corp dog tags and my father's Navy dog tags on the "tree").I wasn't really sure what I wanted for the final outcome so I just kept on painting, decopaging french dictionary scallops, and repainting until I came up with something both Tom and I thought looked good. I have to admit, it was scary because this really isn't the type of thing I do to a wall but I like the way it turned out. (And I really need to get a picture of Elsie up there!)

So, here's what else is on the list of things to do in 2011:

1. replace living room carpeting with good old fashioned oak hardwood flooring to match the kitchen and entryway.

2. Put in a vintage farmhouse sink (and I know I might have to replace the cabinetry to get this done...yikes!)

3. Redo the shower and flooring in the master bath

4. Redo of Shelby's bath...I want to put in wainscotting, brick-type flooring and a good ol' fashioned pedestal sink.

5. Hang a vintage chandelier in the dining area (I already bought it! and good Lord, biting the bullet on that one nearly gave me a heart-attack...and it was barely over $100...see what a chicken I am?)

6. Take Piano lessons with Sebastian (after I FINALLY get the darn thing tuned)

7. Buy a new GOOD camera and get my friend Krissie to give me some quick and dirty photography lessons

8. New landscaping in the front of the house (my friend Val will help me with this one!) Of course we have to wait until our 15 feet of snow melts sometime in May!

Ok...I have 11 1/2 months...I'd better get moving!

And last but not middle child turned 18 on the 6th (the Epiphany)...Happy Birthday Matty. What a bitter-sweet day that was...These are the moments that I thank God for Sebastian coming along most unexpectedly...I don't know what I would do if I were an "empty-nester" come September!

Hope everyone's 2011 is off to a great start!

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Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

I love what you did with your wall (I love everything you do). I hope you show pictures of your progress! :)