Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gophers and Strawberry Shortcake...

So we haven't seen Shelby in a month so all four of us jumped in the car Saturday morning and headed to Wisconsin to visit and take her to lunch (even though we had to drive through yet ANOTHER snow storm). Lucky for me, Menomonie has an antique shop so after lunch and a trip to Walmart to get her all the stuff she absolutely, positively NEEDS when she's using my money we left the boys in her dorm room and headed to the antique shop. Shelby and I collect Strawberry Shortcake dolls (and other dolls like her, see Holly Hobby in the back?) This was our small but cute collection before...
and these were the little treasures we found Saturday. I didn't have room on the same shelf so these girls are sitting on top of my ribbon shelf.
And, when I headed to the downstairs area of the store this is what was waiting for me...Tom (channeling Mike and Frank of American Pickers) wearing this cute...or creepy? gopher mask. We can't quite figure out if this is Goldy Gopher, the UofM mascot, or the Minnesota State Fair mascot...most likely it's the latter because he wears the old-time straw hat just like this one. Not sure how he ended up in Wisconsin but it's back in Minnesota now...and please don't ask me what we're going to do with it...because I just don't know.
Of course there are other things I got like more white vintage buttons and trims but there were two items I didn't buy that I'm now regretting. I just might be making a phone call to the antique store and sending Shelby back to pick them up for me. All in all it was a nice trip...just wish I would've brought my camera!

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Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Your doll collection is so cute. I don't admit it much, but I've bought all of these modern strawberry shortcake dolls and accessories for my daughters *cough* in hopes that when they're tired of them, I will inherit them. They're so cute! They have all of these tiny accessories and even a strawberry shortcake house!
Have I said too much? Am I a complete nerd? Ok. I'll stop.
That gopher mask is so creepy. I'd save it for Halloween and use it for your seasonal decor. ;)
I'm sure Shelby liked all of you (and your wallet) visiting her on Saturday! That was really sweet of you guys.