Thursday, March 17, 2011

Henry Doorly Zoo

This post is more for my Mother-In-Law, Mary, than anything else. She lives in Michigan and doesn't get to see her little Buster very often so here you go Mary...
The first thing we had to do when we got to the hotel is swim, and then after dinner we had to swim, then the next morning we had to swim, after the zoo we had to swim and before we went to bed we had to swim...I think you get the idea.
Henry Doorly Zoo - The Night Kingdom
The I'm-so-ugly-I'm-cute Aardvark

Mr. Porcupine

DraculaIt was pretty dark in the Night Kingdom exhibit, you could barely see where you were walking. We stopped to look at the crocodiles and Tom whispered to me "Rachel, come here, I think I hear something" I fumbled my way over to him and listened...sure enough I heard some nibbling. We could not see this guy at all...only when my camera flashed to try to focus did we see this...

The Cat Complex
This girl was so old she could barely walk, it was really quite sad, when she finally made her way over to this wall to lay down she groaned as if it pained her to squat to a laying position. You would never guess how frail she is by this picture...she was truly massive!

And this is the very pissed off Tiger (most likely in heat) that looked as though she'd gladly rip you apart for the fun of it.
Me (I absolutely hate having my picture taken but I know it needs to be done every so often)

What a face...Giraffes are my favorite.

The Desert Dome
We saw lots of bugs, beetles, walking sticks, Katydids, etc.

Scott Aquarium
How pretty are these Jellyfish? This was our final exhibit of the day. It was really a nice time at the zoo because NOBODY was there, we would literally be the only ones in some exhibits. We could've watched the Tigers and the Orangutans all day, they were very entertaining!

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Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Each animal has its own personality. Gotta love that. I agree: the giraffe has a great face.
Hey! I've been meaning to ask you... did you swim at all on your trip? Just wondering. ;)