Friday, March 25, 2011

Hooray for Friday...

So a week or so ago I was blog hopping and came across a challenge to use your "good stuff" know, the stuff you find and then hoard because you'll never find anything like it again and you want to save it for something really special. I wish I knew who's blog it was to give proper credit but here's what I made with all my "good stuff" and just my favorite little bits and pieces that I've been hoarding for myself...

I love, love, love these blue flowers, the metal key hole and the vintage hat label that I saved from a hat I took apart (it might even be the hat that I got the blue flowers from?)
I love old religious medals and pins, buttons and paper ephemera.
And I really love this fabric (wish you could see the pretty clear button better)
More of my favorite fabric and a bit of an old pillowcase.

And the Marie Antoinette look-a-like I got from my swap with Cerri of Little Pink Studio. I really love the blue pom pom trim and would have put it on every page if I could have (but you know how dumb that would've looked?)
This floral fabric is my absolute favorite and I can't find anymore anywhere.
More vintage ephemera and an old locker number.
A little chenille flower and the prettiest lace I've ever seen.
And these are all the tags tucked in the pockets and bags...although I found that I missed a pocket and it's completely tagless so I've got an old recipe card I'll use to stuff in there. Now I can breathe a little easier knowing that all my "good stuff" still belongs to me and it's all in a pretty look book I can fill with my favorite photos.


curlyqmosaics said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! What a fabulous way to combine all your favorite goodies in one piece! TFS!

momofmiracles said...

It's absolutely wonderful.
You enjoy each and every beautiful page and treasure you add.

When and if you ever want to sell it I do happen to know a lady that LoVes your art and would love to add it to her "collection" of Alice and Elsie books ;o)

Keep creating - LoVe your ArT!

Patricia said...

What a great idea ~ your book turned out beautifully! Thanks for the inspiration. :o)

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

This is just gorgeous! I love every little beautiful detail!

Cindy said...

Ohmygosh this is absolutely adorable. Love the color combo and all the delightful details.


Chris said...

I have drawers full of "good stuff" like this - thanks for the inspiration and push to get started to do something with it all.

Irma said...

This mini album is D I V I N E!!!!
Love all the faded elements and tags, and so much to look at in every page.
Can you advise me where I may find vintage fabric such as you use in your lovely creations?
I have a local JoAnn fabrics store nearby and they have a huge collection of quilting fabric squares, but it is all so new and bright-colored. I was thinking of washing it multiple times to fade it and then to distress it with walnut ink. Have you ever tried this?
Thanks for any help,