Monday, March 21, 2011

Just Another Day...

...of chaos. Or should I say another week of chaos because that's all we seem to have around here. To make a long story short(er), Matt has been running himself ragged for the past week and a half...about Wednesday last I said to him "you are going to bed by 1:00 every night or you're going to get Mono". Saturday morning he comes to me complaining about his wisdom teeth...he'd been complaining about his wisdom teeth for days...but as soon as I heard his "sick" voice I knew it wasn't his wisdom teeth...a mother just knows these I made him go brush his teeth (cause I wanted to look in a "clean" mouth) then using a flashlight and a butter knife as a tongue depressor (just call me Doogie Howser) I got a good look at his throat.

Then I called urgent care to see how long the wait was so that my 18 year old could get diagnosed with Mononucleosis. I had Mono when I was 16...and I got it the same way Matt got it...not from kissing but from running ragged until the wee hours of the morning then getting up and doing it all over again. So I feel really sorry for this poor kid because anyone who's had mono before knows how it seriously, completely and painfully kicks your ass...and kicks it for weeks! So now he's quarantined to the front room with hand sanitizer and I'm shadowing him with a can of Lysol. Seems to me I've heard once you have it you can't get it again so I'm safe but I'll be damned if Sebastian's going to get it! Tom's on his own =)

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Kate said...

Total bummer. My daughter got mono last year. Way too much hockey, homework and working and not enough sleeping. She went back to school way too early, ended up with it again, plus strep and missed a total of 19 days. Hope he takes it easy and recovers completely!

Looks like you had a fun trip. Love all the new treasures you found! And I am a germ-a-phobe too. (During the flea market, you can come over to my house and wash hands and use an actual bathroom, I am only 2 miles away...) My kids think I am some freak, but if they saw Matt Lauer and his germ guy swabbing doors and handles, they wouldn't ever leave the house! Hope you enjoyed your time away, and you came home to grass, someday it will turn green, until then, I am content to not see so much snow!