Sunday, August 16, 2009

My First Quilt

Well, we finally found a cabin that looked good (on paper anyway) so we went and looked it yesterday and wow, what a dump. It hadn't been used for 2 years and, boy oh boy, we could tell. The only thing you could possible do to make it look good is demolish it and start fresh. The "beach" was even disgusting. Makes me wonder if this isn't a "sign" that maybe we just don't have the time to maintain two homesteads??? We have two more that we like so we'll look at both this weekend and if neither of those work out we'll just throw in the towel.
In the meantime, I've still got "decorating the cabin" on my mind...we've got the cutest antique/quilt shop not too far from us and I absolutely love going in there. The owner, Edi, has a bazillion of her handmade quilts on display but, sadly, she never sells her work. So, I decided I'd make my own (with fabric from her shop) and the most adorable pattern I found that uses fat quarters...all the while thinking how good it'll look on one of the beds at the cabin {SIGH}. I've got the top finished but can't decide if I'll quilt it myself or cheat and send it to the lady that Edi uses...

And speaking of warm, cozy quilts, we have very, very LONG and COLD winters here in Minnesota but the summers are absulutley wonderful, there's nothing like a Minnesota summer. But as much as I don't want summer to end I find myself thinking alot about Fall and much so that I made this journal...
I found the vintage photo in an antique shop in Anoka, Minnesota...the Halloween Capitol of the World (or so they claim)
I'm also cleaning out my craft room, weeding out the supplies I never use and trying to decide if I should just donate them or sell them? I guess I'll make up my mind when I see how much stuff I want to part with.

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Scraps said...

Love the quilt - commented more on it at Shameful Photography. Funny you made a halloween "album" or should I say journal - could be either one. I just finished my Halloween 2008 mini album. I'm just waiting for a nice sunny day to photograph it for my Scraps blog. It'll be nice when we're both in the same town thinking the same ideas.