Friday, June 18, 2010

Hot Fun...

I wanted to take full advantage of my few days off (before I start my new job Monday) so we planned a few fun outdoor activities...unfortunately Matthew chose to go fishing with his dad in Canada instead of hanging out with us and Shelby had to work so Sebastian and I set off for Stillwater. I wanted to stop at an estate sale in White Bear Lake on the way but had to promise him ice cream as a bribe. He chose a yummy banana split...he tried his best but couldn't finish the whole thing. (and no, I did not finish it for him.) Isn't it funny how a little ice cream can make someone so happy?You can't make a trip to Stillwater without sitting by the river...especially when the weather is this beautiful!
We relaxed under the shade of a tree for a bit...ok, I relaxed and Sebastian played Pokemon on his DS. We were hoping they'd have to lift the bridge for passing boats but alas, there wasn't any boat traffic, not surprising for a Thursday afternoon. Thankfully he didn't protest too much when I told him I wanted to do a little browsing at Rose Mille and Country Charm Antiques.

Here's the loot I picked up at the estate sale and both Stillwater stores.

I'm going to attempt to turn these antiques knobs into curtain tie-backs. Not quite sure how I'm going to do it but I have an idea.

This scale was way way underpriced at the estate sale. I love the green color so much that I might keep this one for myself and sell the black one in my studio in my Junk Bonanza booth.

I know I have too much vintage lace already but I just can't pass it up, especially when the price is right.
I know there's no way I'll be able to bribe Sebastian to come with me to more sales today so I'll just have to wait until tomorrow. It's another (hot) beautiful day in Minnesota so we're off to the zoo to see the newly renovated polar bear exhibit!

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Lisa said...

I'll share your banana split, Sebastian. Looks delicious!!