Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tiny Tins

I haven't felt very creative lately...been too busy scouring antique shops looking for tiny tins like these that I found over the weekend. I'm not sure what did it to me, probably watching too much American Pickers on Monday nights. Have you seen it yet? If you enjoy treasure hunting you'll probably enjoy this show. Anyway, I haven't the slightest idea what I'll do with them but suddenly I see them EVERYWHERE! This fabulous lace was so cheap I couldn't believe it when I uncovered it hidden away in one of the booths...I just wish there had been more!
I bought this picture because every single one of the ladies is wearing a pretty snazzy hat...and I love the fact that not one person in the whole bunch is smiling.
And, no, I didn't realize when I was buying it that the cute little white one with the seal still afixed to it was for curing constipation. Maybe I'd better start paying more attention? Maybe one of these days creativity will strike and I'll get some items in my shop! Or maybe I'll just go hunting for more tiny tins!

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