Monday, February 1, 2010


Today is Tom's and my wedding anniversary. I'm not certain why I chose February 1st for the "Big Day"'s really an inconvenient date for us, there's always something preventing us from celebrating (usually Tom's out of town for the Super Bowl) and really, most years the day just comes and goes with very little fuss...I wish I could go back in time to see what I was thinking??? Not only is the date itself inconvenient but the weather is the worst it can be...that last week in January is historically the coldest week of the year in Minnesota with temps plunging below zero and windchills that get into the negative double again I wonder why would a girl choose to get married in the dead of winter? Hmmm... Anyway, this anniversary isn't going to be any different than the rest...I had to take the day off work to bring Sebastian to the doctor, we were pretty sure last night that he had an ear infection...turns out he not only has an ear infection, he has strep throat too. That'll put a little damper on the anniversary festivities (but the good news is he's feeling much better now that he has antiboitics!)...and, to get back to that whole Minnesota weather in's snowing like crazy right now! Better have Tom order take out for dinner...we won't be going anywhere!
Speaking of Anniversaries, I fould this picture at a "flea market" yesterday and just fell in love with it! Looks like this happy couple (or not so happy couple?) is celebrating an anniversary. I love all the flowers...and...did you notice the weather? Yes, looks like this girl was smart enough to get married in the SUMMER! I wonder if we'll have the same sour expressions on our faces when we get that old? Although we may have to renew our vows soon...and we'll definitely do it IN THE SUMMER!I love you Tom!


Jessica said...

Happy anniversary! I completely *completely* understand having an inconvenient anniversary date- my husband and I decided to get married Dec. 22nd. It's bad enough that it's a few days before Christmas, but both my husband and I have December birthdays. A couple of geniuses, right?
I hope Sebastian is feeling much better.
PS. I sent you an email thanking you for the Valentine and little books. Did you get that?? I'm just making sure you know how much I appreciate them. Thank you.

Scraps said...

Happy Anniversary all the way from Oz!!

Jana said...

OH NO IM LATE! Happy Anniversary to you both!!! I did a winter wedding too but we didnt actually get snow.

I recieved the mini books and sweet valentine for my bday!!!! i keep looking at them! Really you are so creative and talented it blows my mind how you make things. I am going to write a special post for them to tell everyone and I have your die cuts ready to be mailed, they were supposed to go out yesterday but the military called and I was off to a meeting.

My MIL and I are looking for a frame for the valentine...I have an acute fascination with hearts and val day so it matches my whimsy perfectly I cannot thank you enough. Just too special for words!

sanjeet said...

I hear ya about awful pictures and the cold midwest!

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