Saturday, December 11, 2010

2010 Minnesota Blizzard...

The weather experts were warning us all day yesterday that we were in for a doozy of a storm...of course I didn't really believe that we'd get the 18 - 20 inches they were predicting but went to the grocery store anyway to stock up on warm wintery food. ...just in case! It started last night about 10:30 and when we woke up this morning we couldn't get out the front or back door. It's now about 4:30 and it's still snowing! Tom has cleared the walkway and driveway twice but it just keeps falling and blowing...this is Sebastian laying just off the walkway (what walkway you say?)
The neighbor boys in the background are digging a tunnel between our looks quite enticing...I may have to check it out in the morning.

The dogs love it but can't figure out where their "usual" bathroom spot is...and just for the record, Trixie is not squatting...she's standing fully upright. It was a little funny when she started to panic because she got stuck and couldn't move.

This is a good photo to show just how deep it looks like it's just about up to Tom's knees.
The dogs will be good and tired after chasing Sebastian through the snow.
This is the drift up against the back of the house (that's Sebastian's vague figure in the background.)
And this is how it looks out the back door...Tom had to clear it again so the dogs can get out. I've lived in Minnesota my entire 42 years and am completely amazed, I've never seen anything like this!

And this is a picure of Sebastian standing next to the drift on the south side of the house, it's almost over his head!
Looks like it's time to clear the snow for a third time! It's supposed to continue all through the night stopping sometime around 6:00 am tomorrow. We'll see!


Kim said...

Hi Rachel.. This is pretty amazing isn't it?? I live in Coon Rapids myself and while I'm not sure of the snow amounts here just yet, I'd have to say its over a foot or more and it's been blowing and drifting terribly all afternoon. Thank goodness this storm waited until the weekend to unleash its fury so I can stay safely indoors and not have to be out driving on the dangerous roads.

Stay safe and warm at home and enjoy the rest of the weekend as much as you are able to..


Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

So jealous over here. I'm literally in sandals. Today's high was 77. *whining* I want to be cold, too. ;)