Sunday, July 19, 2009

Inspiration Journal

There are a few blogs that I read on a pretty regular basis, most of which are artist's blogs and let me tell you, I am in awe of the talent of these women. A few of these blogs had posts detailing swaps between these crafty ladies and, WOW, some of the goodies they swapped made my heart race. So, I came up with the brilliant idea of searching for swaps I could join...not the best idea I've ever had...
I found a site that is all about swaps, every kind of swap you could imagine and some you couldn't. So I found a few that were right up my alley and joined in...I took great care to make sure the items I made for my partner were top notch and went above and beyond what was required to make sure my partner was thoroughly pleased with her treasure. Each day I waited eagerly for the mail delivery and my first swap package finally arrived. I ripped into it with the enthusiasm of a child on Christmas morning but when I saw my treasure (and I use that term losely) I think I nearly cried....but I told myself not to lose hope, the next package would contain something magnificent. The next package came and the next but they all had the same outcome as the first...utter disappointment. The last swap was for an altered journal, I figured how could this go wrong? I waited and waited and finally got an email from my swap partner letting me know she would be late sending my treasure. Ugh! When it finally arrived...Yep, you guessed it...MORE DISAPPOINTMENT. The actual journal was nice but the "alterations" were hideous at best (wish I would have snapped a picture or two). So I immediately ripped everything off the front and back and decided to alter the journal for least I knew I wouldn't be disappointed.

A little vintage lace, a page from a vintage bird book and a few other vintage goodies and the ugly journal is transformed.
I've decided to use this as a little inspiration journal...and needless to say, I won't be joining in anymore swaps from that site!


nicky said...

I found your blog through swapbot. Your work is amazing and beautiful. We seem to have very similar style.
I too had many many disapointments on swapbot.I recieved alot of junk. I was so excited to swap arts and crafts and other quality goodies with others and was so bummed when I got the packages.
So I decided to try private swaps on there with people who had similar style and it worked out much better.
If you ever want to do a swap I would be more than happy to.
Love your blog!

Scraps said...

Now it looks like a million bucks!! I'll swap a few of Jordan's stuffed guys for that journal . . .