Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Shelby hasn't even left for college and already I'm thinking of cute, luxurious items that I can tuck into her care packages...how fun is it going to be to put together those monthly treasure boxes huh? I saw this LoLLIA shower gel in one of my magazines and decided to order one for Shelby (it's a little spendy but I thought "what the hec!") I ended up ordering one for Shelby and two for me (that's fair right?). The package arrived in the mail today and WOW! Does this stuff smell good. Not only that, but the packaging is so so cute and the catalog they sent along has more items with even cuter packaging...the color combinations, the flowers, the edging...very inspiring. Now I need to figure out some sort of project in which I can use the packaging...Incidentally, how soon after Shelby heads to campus can I send her first care package? Is a week too soon?

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Scraps said...

I would say the day you leave her there (at the dorm) you can go directly to the post office and mail the first package!!