Friday, November 15, 2013

Glittered Paper Houses...

Last Friday was my monthly art group...I hosted the activity and choose to make little Putz-like glittered houses.  These are photos of my finished houses...I didn't get them completely finished that evening but did manage to finish them up over the weekend.  You can find all sorts of different templates on Pinterest, I used the ones found here. While there are six of us in the art group, all our tastes vary greatly so I thought this would be a good project because we can tailor the houses to fit our personal style.

You can see the roofs aren't completely glued down and some of my doors are a little off-kilter but that's okay...I still love how they turned out, and they'll fit in just fine with my other vintage Putz houses that have been a little mis-handled over the years.

I think I might throw a little more mica snow on them but otherwise I'm quite pleased with them and might just make a few more if I find some extra time.  Happy Friday!

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Unknown said...

Hey Rachel,
Had some time to sit down for a second and check out what I have been missing in blogland. Those are ADORABLE! Love them. So sad I missed that night, but I did have a pretty good reason to miss. Hope you all had fun creating your little masterpieces!