Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What I do While Watching TV...

I love to find little projects that I can do while watching TV, although I don't watch much, I can't miss The Voice on Mondays and Tuesdays.  So last night while I was tuning in, I started filling one of my vintage photo albums with my favorite black and white vintage photos.  I bought a sharpie paint pen to draw some simple decoration around each photo but let me tell you, this pen is TERRIBLE.  It just soaks into the paper...I had to go over it about 10 times to get it to look like this...not what I had in mind.  Luckily the pages can be removed but in the meantime, I need to find a good pen and start over...If anyone knows of a white pen that will look brilliant on black paper, please let me know!

I picked up this cute little pile of fabrics at a quilt shop in White Bear Lake...I think they will become fabric journals...eventually.

Another thing that's great to do in front of the TV is quilt.  I finished this circle quilt a few weeks ago...thought I'd give it to my oldest son as his childhood quilt is literally threadbare...but he wasn't too keen on the vintage floral sheet I used as the backing.  Alas, I have to keep it for myself.

I've never used colored quilting thread before but I really like how this blue turned out. 
And finally, this is the scrap quilt I'm currently working on...it's just a huge pile of my fabric scraps all sewn together.  It's a little wonky in some places but I love that.  A few more weeks and this one should be done as well...maybe by that time our snowy weather will have finally turned to spring-like weather...then no more TV!

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