Thursday, April 11, 2013

Crafting Fun...

It's April 11, 2013 and we're under a winter weather advisory here in Minnesota.  I'm so done with winter and it's been such a long and dreadful one that I'm beginning to wonder if we'll ever see spring...let alone summer!  Since I can't be outdoors working in the yard yet, I've been in my studio making stuff...doesn't matter what I'm making as long as I'm doing something!

I decided to make a little mini album from scraps of leftover paper since my scrap box was literally overflowing.  It's perfect for all my Instax that have been piling up...I had so many that the album is just about full.  I mainly take photos of the youngest because he wears glasses and if the flash hits them just right, it flaws the film making him look (to me) like Mad-Eye Moody (Harry Potter)...I think it's funny...but him...not so much.  So far he still puts up with it but I think it's only a matter of time!

More decorated paper mache boxes...I decided to switch it up from the mushroom ones I went crazy with this weekend.  A person only needs so many mushroom boxes!

And I have to tell you, I am completely smitten with collage/mixed media.  I never thought it would be anything I would take an interest in but there's something about piling on the layers of paper and paint...and being able to change things with just a color swap or more, love, love it...and this is my first encaustic on my own...didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped but I like it and that's all that counts, right?

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