Saturday, April 17, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

{SIGH}...we've had such a busy day! I was up at 6:30 to make Matt a big carb-filled breakfast before his track meet. We got him out the door and headed to the State Fairgrounds for the Spring Flea Market...we wanted to get there by 8:00 so we'd have a least 2 1/2 hours to "pick" before having to head to Stillwater for the track meet. Matt wasn't in his usual two events due to time constraints (today is his High School prom) so the one and only event he was participating in was taking place around 11:30. In order to make it across town in time for the race we needed to leave the flea market by 10:30. Here is the loot I scored while quickly browsing through all the vendor booths...I was quite pleased with my findings despite the hurried pace!
A girl can never have too many religious items right?

Lots of vintage trims, an old honey? jar and a trolley car ticket book...

Love these old pins...and I have to tell you a quick story about the metal childs cupboard in the was marked $2, couldn't believe the price...the vendor had another one very similar marked $24. Why the difference I thought to myself. I went to pay and the vendor was horrified at the price, he got it at a garage sale for $2 but meant to change the price to $22...he gave it to me for $5. Boy did I get lucky!

We were out of there promptly at 10:30 and quickly drove the 30 miles to Stillwater High School. Matt's 8 x 200 took place around 11:45 (I was so nervous that I would miss it!)...that's him just finishing handing the baton to his teammate. As soon as he finished we high-tailed it back to Woodbury so he could eat lunch and get ready for prom. We were supposed to be at his date's house by 1:40 for pictures...well, that didn't happen.

I didn't think I would get as emotional for his prom as I did for Shelby's but standing out in the yard taking pictures, well I have to admit, I teared up quite a bit...I didn't actually shed a tear but I sure had to fight them back. We went to his date's house for pictures (we were only about 15 minute late...not too bad.) Her parent's are pretty well off, their house was unbelievable and they let Matt drive their BENTLEY (yes, I said they let a 17 year old drive their BENTLEY) to the school for the Grand March. Her father assured me he drove very slowly (it sounds like they may have followed behind him in another vehicle). I love his date and her parents are wonderful. They'll be eating dinner tonight in her father's restaurant in Minneapolis (hope Matt doesn't spill on his tux!)
After the Grand March Sebastian went to play at a friends house so Tom and I ran back to Roseville to finish looking through the flea market goodies we didn't get time to look through this's what I picked up in round 2.

I am completely exhaused (as is Tom)...we were supposed to go to our neighbors 50th birthday party but we graciously declined the invitation...the only thing we're going to do tonight is plop down on the couch and watch The Hurt Locker.
Oh, and one more thing...Happy 15th Birthday Jordan, we love you!


Scraps Of Inspiration said...

Boy, you sure scored some fantastic goodies. I am so so jealous!!

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Great finds, as always! Matt had a lucky date. Besides being a cutie, he's a jock! ;)
I also came by to let you know that I'm hosting a swap: a Pretty Pockets Swap, and I would love to have you participate. Visit my blog for more details. :D If you're busy, I understand! It was worth asking to get a lovely (and talented) lady on board though. xo.