Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Happy Memorial Day. I wanted to get out to a few cemetaries this weekend but we were too busy tiling the laundry room/dogs room (that the dogs destroyed) in order to get it finished before Shelby's graduation party. I've also been taking a little break from creating goodies for my Etsy store to make myself a few "memory" albums...

This photo is from 1925, it's my Great Grandmother Alice, Great Aunt Corrine and my Grandmother Gloria. I love their clothes! I'm going to fill this album with all the old pictures I have of my Grandmother and Grandfather as children.

I stumbled across these rolls of jacquard ribbon while treasure hunting. I think I'll use yards of these along with vintage hankies and make some cute little goodie bags for my Etsy store. Hope you enjoyed your long holiday weekend. I belive this unofficially marks the beginning of summer...yippee!

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Little Pink Studio said...

All of your albums are just gorgeous!
I especially love the white one!