Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Luck of the Irish...

 The hubby has to go to Ireland for business...what a shame.  We were planning to bring our youngest to Sicily to visit family this summer but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go to Ireland...a place I had always wanted to see.  I'm a regular reader of Mary Ann Moss' blog,, and admired her sense of adventure in all her travels.  One thing she seems to like to do is rent a cottage/house/apartment instead of staying in a hotel.  She inspired me to be a little adventurous too so I rented this adorable little cottage for the week...isn't it something!
And this stream is right next to the property...look at the ducks.  The owners advise keeping an eye on small children at all times, because of the stream, but I think Sebastian will be just fine (afterall he's 12 going on 47).  He's not really thrilled with the thought of leaving his video games behind for 8 days but I hope he changes his mind once he sees this beautiful place.  If anyone has been to Ireland recently, let me know if there is a place that I absolutely must see...we'll be in the south of Ireland (Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Kilkenny, Shannon, Cashel)  I can't wait!

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Sandra L. said...

Found you through Mary Ann Moss's blog.

Luck of the Irish indeed! I hope you have a wonderful time. Never been to Ireland but I was in England 3x back in the "Big '80s."

How did you find the cottage? Is there an online services for that sort of thing? Would love to case I am someday as lucky as you.