Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rehab Addict and Alice and Elsie...

The ever fabulous Nicole Curtis (aka The Rehab Addict) is just finishing up rehabbing the "Case house" in Saint Paul.
I was lucky enough to supply a few pieces of my antique furniture for the lovely house. My son helped me move it into the house since the hubs is still recovering from back surgery...besides, my son was THRILLED to meet nicole in person!
These pieces will be available for sale and can be seen during her open house, which will take place in a few short weeks. Check her "Nicole Curtis the Rehab Addict" facebook page for all the details.
I spent the good part of yesterday moving the furniture for the "Case house" out of my booth at Abigail Page and rearranging everything. Here is what my booth looks like's a little sparse but there are still some good finds!
Make sure to tune into Nicole's show "The Rehab Addict" on Thursday nights...8:00 on HGTV and 9:00 on DIY. The Case house will be featured in Season 3, which premiered last Thursay...maybe you'll see some of my furniture on TV! Thanks Nicole!


Alyssa said...

I saw your pieces yesterday at the Case House open house - they were so lovely!

Auntie Cake said...

Hey there Girlie!!! Just had some time on the computer and stopped by to see what you have been up too! I love, love, love that top dresser with the mirror (first pic) did you sell that one already?

Sweet about the Rehad Addict connection, a great way to stay in your new field. Perfect for both of you.

Charlotte Keeney said...

I love that house! FYI, I think you accidentally spelled "peek" wrong in your bio section, Rachel.