Friday, February 3, 2012

DIY Friday

If you're looking for a little crafty project to keep you busy this weekend, check out these fun treasures I found on Etsy:

This is from LYPatterns. The shop also has a variety of tutorials for wallets, card holders and other clutches and coin purses.

My kids are all too old to enjoy Sesame Street but I'm sure they'd enjoy these cupcakes! Typewink offers a package with everything you need to make your own wrappers and cupcakes...yummy!

Oh, this is so cute...pattern found at Meilingerzita (along with other cute plushies.)

Revlie has so many adorable memory book tutorials in many different HAVE to check it out!

Accessorise has tons of crochet patterns but this little apple cozy caught my I just need to learn to crochet!

How cute are these pendants from Decelerate?

Have a happy crafting weekend!


Julie said...

I need an apple cozy ... yep, that would make my day, way too cute!

Auntie Cake said...

Happy Valentine's Day Rachel! Hope you guys had a great day. Very quiet around here, and the ghetto van quit on Dan today. He was not happy. The rest of us are THRILLED beyond belief. But I do feel kind of quilty about it. That sucker is U-G-L-Y.

And we still never made it to a b&b. And Dan has to work for the next few weekends. I couldn't find one around here that I liked, so I told him we needed to go to Paris instead. He just kind of stared at me... Sigh. I will dream of Italy for you and T instead. You can think of me as you are strolling along some beautiful little town.

Auntie Cake said...

Still on for Friday night???