Monday, October 12, 2009

Where's Autumn?

Unfortunately we've jumped from Summer right into Winter here in Minnesota. This is what we woke up to Saturday morning, the snow didn't stick around very long but the temperatures totally destroyed my pumpkins and tomatoes. Then... ...this is what we woke up to this morning. It was a much heavier snowfall than Saturday and it was perfect for snowballs (Sebastian and I threw a few before he caught the bus to school). This morning the meteorologists were claiming we'd get back up in the 60's by the weekend but this afternoon they were saying we'd remain in the low 40's or high 30's through the week and into the weekend. So much for the corn maze at the apple orchard!
All this snow puts me in the Christmas mood and that means's been REALLY slow in my Etsy store for the past month or two but things may be picking up...I listed this little album Sunday morning and it sold (along with two others) by Sunday evening.
I also listed this one earlier this afternoon...I got some more great news Friday, I already knew one of my albums is going to be featured in the November/December issue of Sew Somerset (on sale early November) but I also found out that some more of my "artwork" will be featured in the November issue of Somerset Studio, not sure what item it is and I can't explain why I don't know which item it is without this post ending up being 6 pages long, but I'll definitely post it all when I get my issues in the mail! Can't wait!

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