Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Simply Medievel...

Day 4 of our tour we headed to the Medievel town of Assisi, home of St. Francis...but first, we made a leisurely stop in the Umbrian town of Spello.
Spello was filled with it's own quaint little cobblestone streets, beautifully decorated doorways and breathtaking views!

When we arrived in Assisi, we were thrilled to find there was a medievel festival taking place, complete with jousting and all sorts of medievel merriment (which is why all the banners and flags are hanging from the windows.)
After lunch we headed to the Assisi Basilica that was actually built after St. Francis' death. The lower crypt of the Basilica holds his was somewhat creepy, but very neat to see!
 See the tiny mosiac (or possibly fresco) of St. Francis under the elaborate window?
 This is a view of the entire Basilica...there are three levels.
This is a view of Assisi from our hotel, Hotel Giotto (Giotto was the artist that created all the frescoes on the third level of the Basilica depicting St. Francis' life.)
And this is one of the little shops in which hangs the heads of the boars who's bodies are also hanging in the window...ready for purchase.  hmmm...too bad we already had dinner plans. =)
Another lovely view!  Arrivederci Assisi, Pronto Venice!

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Auntie Cake said...

So beautiful Rachel!!! It's a good thing you left your children at home here, otherwise, I don't know that you would have ever come back. Your pictures are beautiful, how magical it had to have been to be there in person. I don't know that I know of enough adjectives to describe your wonderful pics!!!