Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Project...

Here's a quick little project for a lazy winter afternoon using vintage napkins to make cute little throw pillows. I found these turquoise napkins with a crocheted edge for next to nothing in an antique shop a few weeks ago. They definitely needed to be laundered so make sure you do that first. Here is a list of supplies you'll need...
1. Two vintage napkins per pillow
2. Two vintage buttons per pillow
3. Polyester fiberill (or stuffing of your choice)
4. Heavy duty thread (or six strand embroidery floss)
Here are your steps:
1. Pin the napkins, wrong sides together and machine sew around the edge (as close to the crocheted trim as possible) leaving an opening for stuffing
2. Stuff the pillow to your liking. Pin the opening then machine sew it closed.
3. You can sew on the buttons one of two ways...I sewed mine on at the same time but it can get a little tricky so I'll give you an alternative. To sew them both on at the same time thread a long needle with heavy duty thread or six strands of embroidery floss but don't knot the end. Bring the needle through the front of the pillow to the back leaving a long tail (you will use this tail to tie the knot after the two buttons are attached). Slide the needle through one of the button holes and come down through the second hole bringing the needle through the pillow to the front (next to your beginning "tail"). Now that you have the button on the back, slide the needle through one hole of your second button and come down through the second hole but don't stick the needle through the pillow, just bring it through the button hole so that it now meets up with the beginning "tail". Tie a knot with the two ends pulling tight so the buttons "indent" the pillow. I tied a few knots just to make sure it was secure...when you're satisfied with your knot cut the ends (If you did it correctly your know will be hidden by the button.) The alternative way is to just sew a button to one side, knot the thread and cut. Then sew the button to the other side making sure it's hiding the knot of the first button, knot that thread (again, making sure it's hidden by the first button) and cut. This is a really simple project, you can have two pillows finished in 20 minutes!
If you don't have cute napkins lying around try using two old handkerchiefs that are the same shape and size.

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