Sunday, December 27, 2009

Saturday's Finds...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! This was the first year, in more years than I can remember, that I had both my sisters and my brother (and their families) here for the holiday. My oldest sister lives in Virginia but recently bought a house two streets east of us so they moved some of their belongings in on Wednesday. Since she doesn't get to do much treasure hunting, Saturday I took her to a few shops Tom and I discovered last summer...for those of you in MN there's a stretch along highway 8 between Forest Lake and Taylors Falls with quite a few really good shops...My sister filled up my truck with her finds and this is what I brought home... Never can have too much vintage lace and millinery! I'm a BIG collector of religious (christian) memorbilia and my niece, Madison, surprised me with the vintage crucifix in the bottom right corner. I've been looking for a composition doll for quite some time and found this one in a box with another doll and 5 doll heads for $15...she needs a little work but the price was too good to pass up! Some of the doll heads will be perfect for spooking my niece of them just might end up under her bed (don't worry, she's 14 so it's not as mean as it might sound)!

And here's another journal I made for myself. I've got about five of them now (one of my New Year's "plans" is to keep journals)...I can't decide just how I'm going to do it, I might use one journal for each quarter of the year. It would be nice if I could just wing-it but I must have a touch of OCD because everything has to be carefully thought out and planned. We'll see what happens!
Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday break. Sebastian and I got out to play in the 14 inches of snow that fell over the past couple's back to work for me for a few days before the New Year's celebration.

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Shannon.Doran. said...

Greetings, found your from your birthday journal in the latest sew somerset (which I love, will definitely be making it!)
I'm in white bear lake myself, so thank you for the highway 8 tip! Never been down that road before, sounds like a good day trip...when it warms up more anyways, haha.