Monday, March 16, 2009

18 Birthdays

I can't believe it's been a whole month since I last posted. I've been busy doing some crafty things that I'm going to try to get published. Emphasis on try.
I've also been busy finishing up Shelby's 18 Birthdays book before she graduates and leaves me. It was so fun and I absolutely love working with paper bags and fabric...I love the feel of fabric sewn to paper and I love the sound it makes when the pages are flipped, especially when they're loaded with all sort of vintage goodies. I know, a little strange huh?

Anyway, I was planning on sending this in to one of the crafty publishers but decided against it because it's so chunky and big and I didn't want to risk something happening to it so it'll just stay put. Here's the result...

The insert for birthday number three has only writing...I copied what I had written in her baby book all those years ago because nobody...and I mean nobody...seems to have any pictures of her third birthday. I wonder what we were all doing???

This is a big tag decorated on both sides that's been tucked in the opening of the paper bag.

Here is another
big tag decorated on both sides that's been tucked in the opening of the paper bag.

No tag yet for her 18th birthday since she her birthday isn't until July. It's made and ready to decorate though so I won't have to do much work to finish it up.

Here's a little peek at some other things I've been creating to send in to be (hopefully) published. If not I guess they'll end up in my Etsy store.
Ok...I'm off to work on some goodies for my store.

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Little Pink Studio said...

I found you first on etsy and then followed you here to your blog!
I love your work, your journals are beautiful! I too, adore making journals from fabric and paper. :0)
I love this book you have made for your daughter. My sweet girl will be 18 this year and I want to make her a special book. Yours is very inspiring!
I just wanted to say hello and that I'm really enjoying reading your blog.