Saturday, November 17, 2012

December Daily...

I finished my December Daily and did something a bit different than I've done in the past.
 This one is more of an art journal made from an old ledger book.
I was inspired by a book Julie Collings made a few years can see hers here.
I started at the beginning of November and made a few pages each day.
 And now I am done and ready for the craziness to begin!

 Happy Journaling!


Auntie Cake said...

Love both your journal and your wreath. So sweet, just like everything you do. Good luck with the shop window! You need to post pics of your finished project so we can all drool!

Have a good day, I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week too. I am still waiting for Halloween.

painted fish studio said...

have fun filling it in! i'm with kate - it's still october, right? now i'm going to go do some yard work on this fabulous 55 degree day in minnesota.