Friday, October 19, 2012

Etsy Goodies...

It's Friday!!...the little guy is off school for's a cold and rainy day here in MN...and surprisingly, I have no desire to go junking today (although I did run down the road to a Church rummage sale and scored the most fabulous worn out, pink, floral quilt for a bargain price of $3) I thought I'd put some vintage goodies in my Etsy shop, something that I've been putting off for weeks since I hate trying to get good photos!
I usually hoard my Dennison labels all the while knowing that I'll never use the piles that I have but I found a rather large box at an estate sale for a great price so decided to share...along with the very cool "alleric go" stickers.
I absolutely love, love, love these "Pigskin Party" invitations from Hallmark...found a huge stash in somebody's garage...kept some for myself and put some in the shop.
A vintage booklet of 24 Versailles postcards featuring this wonderful one of Marie Antoinette!

And finally this souvenir album of 12 vintage Toulouse postcards---in color, they're fabulous!

Hope you have a great weekend!  I'm off to pick up a vintage postal table/mail sorter...I'll be sure to post photos it (I'm keeping it for myself!)

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Auntie Cake said...

Don't know why I thought to check here today but I was wondering if the mail sorter made it to your house. So glad it did. Can't wait to see it in all it's glory! I just know you will be loving that baby and have it storing loads of beautiful stuff!